Self-guided Afterlife



Stages in the Training

Stage 1: Conviction

Having the conviction that your loved one is alive and well, living in the next plane of life, may help you connect more easily. If you have much doubt, you may quickly give up on trying to communicate or doubt the source of real messages you receive.


Stage 2: Understanding Afterlife Connections

You must understand the nature of afterlife connections, especially why some people connect easily and others can't connect at all. You also must know without reservation that your loved one is available to communicate; we just have to figure out how we can do it.


Stage 3: Understanding Your Mind

Most people don't understand the nature of experience, memory, imagination, dreams, and afterlife communication. At this stage, you will learn about how these mental phenomena relate to each other.


Stage 4: A Trial Experience with Connecting with the Afterlife

At this stage, I will guide you through an experience that may result in a connection with your loved one. You will go into a relaxed state and allow natural unfoldment to happen without interruption.


Stage 5: Self-guiding Your Afterlife Connection - Listening to A Guided Relaxation

In the final three stages, you will practice taking yourself into a relaxed state, with and without the use of meditation music, to have your own afterlife connection at any time. In this first method, you will listen to a recording guiding you into relaxation to make the connection. The recording includes questions you will ask. You will enter into a dialogue. During the dialogue, you may have a connection with your loved one.

Stage 6: Self-guiding Your Afterlife Connection - Listening to Meditation Music

In this second method, you will listen to meditation music and guide yourself into relaxation to make the connection.

Stage 7: Self-guiding Your Afterlife Connection - Guiding Yourself without Meditation Music

In this final method, you will guide yourself into relaxation to make the connection without listening to meditation music.

Stage 8: Becoming Aware of the Sense of Presence

This stage will help you learn to become sensitive to the presence of a person or pet in spirit.

In oneself lies the whole world and if you know how to look and learn, the door is there and the key is in your hand. Nobody on earth can give you either the key or the door to open, except yourself.

- Jiddu Krishnamurti


Binaural Beats

This Self-guided Afterlife Connections procedure is in two versions to study whether one is more successful in helping people have afterlife connections. This version uses meditation music with binaural beats tones in the background. For an explanation of binaural beats, go to this link: binaural beats. Close the window when you have finished reading to return here.

The binaural beats tone sounds like a machine running continually. If that sound isn't comfortable for you, use the other Self-guided Afterlife Connections procedure that has meditation music without the binaural beats sound. It is at this link: other procedure

The binaural beats procedure has been shown to be very helpful in aiding people to relax, have out-of-body experiences, and have afterlife connections. The primary use is in the Hemi-Sync procedure developed by the Monroe Institute.

The use of binaural beats is not advised for the following groups of people:

  1. Children
  2. People with a history of epilepsy
  3. People with heart problems or a pacemaker

The Registration Form

The binaural beats research has a separate research form from the original Self-guided Afterlife Connections form. Please fill out the binaural beats Self-guided Afterlife Connections research form after reading this page. Thanks.

If you have already read the information that follows and have filled out the form agreeing to the research conditions, just click here to go directly to the page with links to the Self-guided Afterlife Connections procedure. In the future, you can bypass this opening page altogether by putting the address for that page in your "Favorites" file.

If You Have Gone through the Original Self-guided Afterlife Connections Procedure

If you have already gone through the Self-guided Afterlife Connections procedure, completing at least Stage 4, then you know the basic principles of the afterlife connections presented in Stages 1, 2, and 3. After you register to participate in the research into this special form of the procedure using binaural beats, you may go directly to Stage 4 in this version of the procedures. The user names and passwords are the same for these binaural beats procedures as they are for the version with normal meditation music. Click here to go directly to the page with links to the Self-guided Afterlife Connections procedure using binaural beats. If you don't recall the user name and password for Stage 4, send an e-mail to Craig at asking for them.

This Is a Free Training Program

The Self-guided Afterlife Connections procedure is a free training program. You will learn how to be more open to messages from your loved ones now living on another plane of life. As a result, you must go through all the training stages, in the order in which they are presented, to learn the skills.

There are seven stages. For each, you will use a user name and password that you received when you completed the previous stage. That means you must complete Stage 1 to get the user name and password for Stage 2; then complete Stage 2 to get the user name and password for Stage 3; and so on. When you finish Stage 7, you will receive a user name and password that will work for all of the stages so you can go through any stage as often as you want.

As with all procedures and materials developed by the Center for Spiritual Understanding, this Self-guided Afterlife Connections procedure is given freely to humanity. Everything done by the Center for Spiritual Understanding belongs to humankind. We charge nothing for the procedures such as the Self-guided Afterlife Connections procedure. The Center functions using donations entirely.

However, the psychotherapists, mediums, and other professionals the Center refers people to rely on the income as their livelihoods, so they do charge fees for their services. The Center receives none of their fees.

Research Report on Results of Using the Procedure

A study of the first 22 people who used the procedure is available. The research report in Acrobat contains excerpts from participants' journals describing their afterlife connections.

Download the report at this link.


You Are Participating in Ongoing Research

The Center for Spiritual Understanding has a structure rather like a research and teaching hospital. We work with counselors, Reiki practitioners, mediums, and others who are the practitioners. As people connect with their loved ones, we study the connections and work at trying to enhance them. We link professionals such as counselors to training resources so they can use the procedures we are learning about with clients. The primary example today is the Center's efforts to inform psychotherapists about Guided Afterlife Connections and link them with the trainers who will teach them how to facilitate the procedure.

When you go through the training stages in the procedure, you will be participating in research being conducted by the Center for Spiritual Understanding. As such, we will have you agree to some conditions that must be part of a research procedure involving people. We hope you understand.

For the research, you must have access to a computer and a set of stereo headphones that play stereo from your computer. You must be willing to journal what happened during the activities immediately after finishing them. You must give the Center for Spiritual Understanding permission to read the journal, and for us to possibly use it without your name or identifying information on it in the reports about the research, published and unpublished.

The Sanctity of the Connections

The focus of Center activities is always, foremost, on the individual person and the sanctity of the connections with loved ones. You are striving to have an experience that will be uplifting and life-changing for you. We honor the sanctity of that sacred experience. While we do have research procedures to follow, we want to emphasize that if you go through the experiences, your connection, growth in understanding your eternal nature, and reduction in your grief are paramount.
What to Expect

Not everyone will be able to make the connection through these methods. You will be able to communicate in some way, but it may not be through mental work. Your loved one will try to connect in other ways if these aren't workable. You might have a session with a mental medium, or you may notice that lights go on and off at times meaningful to you and your loved one, or a song meaningful to you and your loved one may come on the radio at special times. You must learn to accept communication in all forms, without doubts, and thank them for coming to you. Hopefully, the procedures you'll be going through in this research will be one of the ways you can connect.

The procedure isn't simply a one-time experience. It is intended to teach you how to make the connections and enhance your experience by learning to become better at using it. As such, the process of learning to use the procedure is a training program. You will have to be patient with the process and have the conviction that your loved one wants to communicate and is working at it on his or her side of life as strongly as you're working at it on this side. It may take time to get the conditions right to have a meeting of your minds. Be patient.
Conditions You Must Not Have

As with any other research that involves working with the mind, you will have to evaluate whether your mind is healthy enough to open up memories. It's much like the caveat given to people who begin an exercise program. Make sure you're healthy enough to engage in strenuous exercise. In the same way, you must decide you have nothing in your past that might come out while you're opening yourself up to communication.

The use of binaural beats is not advised for the following groups of people:

  1. Children
  2. People with a history of epilepsy
  3. People with heart problems or a pacemaker

These are psychological conditions you must evaluate before going through the procedure:

  1. If you are in counseling or psychiatric treatment for any disorders, you must discuss the research with your counselor or psychiatrist who agrees the program will not be harmful to you. If you are in counseling and have not talked over the procedure with your counselor, don't go through the procedure.

  2. Don't go through the procedure if you have psychoses, childhood traumas, history of abuse, or post-traumatic stress disorder that have not been resolved. The procedure is too new for us to know whether it will bring any problems to the surface.

  3. Don't go through the procedure if you had a stressful, abusive, or otherwise unhealthy relationship with the person you want to connect with. If you had any problems that might surface, don't go through this procedure. Work those things out with a counselor who has agreed you may go through the procedure and will be available if you have any problems.

Strong Grief and Negative Emotions

There are also conditions or feelings that won't create problems for you, but may reduce or eliminate your chances of success. Just be aware that you might not be ready, but you may be ready at a later time.

The most limiting conditions are profound grief and negative emotions such as guilt and anger. You will always grieve, but your grief must be at a point at which it isn't so deep you aren't functioning well. It shouldn't still be mixed up with anger, guilt, and other emotions that affected you so strongly in the months right after the passing. You'll know if your grief is too great if you break down often while you're trying to go through the procedure. For some people, it likely will take at least a year after the passing to engage in these experiences.

However, you decide whether you're able to spend time focusing on your loved one and reliving memories. If that causes such grief that you are really disturbed after the session, wait until your grief has stabilized.
When to Stop the Procedure

You decide whether your grief is stabilized enough that you can go through the procedure. During the procedure, if they are extremely disturbing for you or give you more grief after a session, stop. You're not ready yet.

Whether you stop the process when you feel grief depends on your mental condition. If you have feelings of suicide or the grief leads you into a long-term depression or the grief brings up images of trauma or other disturbing images, then stop. You must take care of those feelings before going on. That means you need to be working with a psychotherapist. This procedure is not good if it leads you into psychological difficulties, and we can't be responsible for anything that happens to you.
Link to the Registration Form

If you feel you are a candidate for a Self-guided Afterlife Connection, click here to fill out the registration form and receive the link, user name, and password so you can begin the procedure.
Continued Development after Finishing the Stages

After you have gone through the exercises in all of the stages, continue your growth in ability over the next weeks and months by going through the stage exercises that will be most helpful to you. Every time you go through them, please journal what happens so we can keep track of the effects of the procedure on you.  

Your Help Would Be Smiled Upon

If you found the Self-guided Afterlife Connections procedure to be of help to you, your donation would be smiled upon.

The Center for Spiritual Understanding is a not-for-profit corporation in the State of Illinois certified as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization by the IRS. Donations are tax deductible. All Center activities rely on donations. Send donations to the Center for Spiritual Understanding, 23 Payne Place, Normal, IL 61761, or click on the button below to use PayPal or a credit card.

Communicate with Others Who Have Gone through These Experiences

We encourage you to write about your experiences on the Center for Spiritual Understanding through Afterlife Connections Facebook page. Others will be enjoy reading them and be uplifted by your connections.

If you have any questions, send Craig an e-mail at or call him at his Writing Center phone number: 800 827-3770.

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